Terms of use

Terms of use



    1. Thank you for connecting with Kalralegal.com. Whenever we go to a new place, we create expectations. We want to feel special and well taken care of, we at Kalra Legal know this and one of our priorities is to offer the best experience for everyone who uses our platform. Through this document, you will have access to general information about your interaction with the Kalralegal platform and the use of the services made available by Kalralegal including the services offered by the platform. Therefore, we recommend that you read these Terms of Use carefully.

1.2. You must follow our Terms of Use and know our Privacy Policy to browse the Kalralegal Platform and use of our services, given that these activities imply the processing of your personal data.

  • 1.2.1. The Privacy Policy sets out information on the conditions under which Kalralegal processes your personal data while offering its Platform and Services, as well as information about your rights as the holder of this data.
  • 1.2.2. The Privacy Policy also integrates these Terms of Use and must be read carefully and consented to by you as a requirement for using the Platform and Kalralegal Services.
  • 1.2.3. These Terms apply to all Kalralegal brands, products, and services, which do not have separate privacy policies and are bound by this Policy.

1.3. Kalralegal Services are provided by Kalra Global Consulting Limited registered with a company housed in the UK having the registration no 12010968 holders of intellectual property on software, website, applications, content, and other digital assets or not, related to the Platform and Services of Kalralegal.com, including services owned and operated by Kalra Global Consulting limited.

1.4. Kalralegal is a platform that aims to license the use of its software, website, applications, content and other intellectual property assets, providing tools to assist and digitalize the day-to-day activities of legal operators, as well as facilitating the search for legal content by the general public, always looking to connect people to justice and access to best legal talent and expertise to the general public.

1.5. These Terms of Use establish obligations contracted voluntarily, for an indefinite period, between Kalralegal and individuals or legal entities, subscribers, or non-subscribers, who use or visit the Kalralegal Platform ("Users").

1.6. Acceptance of this instrument is essential for accessing the Kalralegal Platform and for using its Services. If you do not agree with the provisions of these Terms, the User must not access or use them. In addition, the User cannot excuse himself from the Terms, alleging ignorance of their conditions, including any changes to their provisions.


2.1. Register

  • 2.1.1. Access to certain Kalralegal Services will require prior registration and, depending on the chosen services, payment of a certain amount.
  • For registration, the following data will be required: name and surname, e-mail, address, city of residence, profession, contact telephone number, date of birth, gender, the username (the name by which the User can be identified on the Platform) and, depending on the case, professional identity number.
  • Users may optionally provide additional information to customize their profile, such as website, and publications, amongst others.
  • In case the User indicates his profession as a lawyer, it will be necessary to provide his valid registration number with the Bar Association of the domicile country.
  • In certain situations, Services such as those offered by the Kalralegal platform may require additional information from Users, either to better identify them or to conduct internal steps. Failure to promptly provide such information when requested will constitute a violation of these Terms of Use.
  • The personal data informed by the User, as well as the data made available during the use of the Services, will be treated by Kalralegal strictly in accordance with its Privacy Policy.

2.1.2. When registering on the Platform, the User must provide complete, recent, and valid data, and it is their sole responsibility to keep said data updated.

  • The User undertakes not to inform his/her registration and/or access data to the Platform to third parties, being fully responsible for its use.
  • Kalralegal may use all lawful ways to verify, at any time, if the information provided by the User is true. If it is found that the information is in any way incomplete, inaccurate, false, and or misleading, the User may have their registration suspended or cancelled, at Kalralegal's sole discretion, without prejudice to other measures that may apply, in which case no refunds will be due.
  • The password to access the Platform ensures the User individual access to it, protecting his/her registration. In this way, the User is exclusively responsible for maintaining said password in a confidential and secure manner, avoiding undue access to his/her information. Any and all activity carried out using the password will be the responsibility of the User, who must promptly inform Kalralegal of the misuse of the respective password through the communication channel indicated in the "General Provisions" section below.
  • All Kalralegal Services will be accessed by the same User login and password.

2.1.3. By completing the registration, the User expressly declares and guarantees to be fully capable, being able to freely exercise and enjoy the Platform and Services.

  • Minors under 18 years of age must previously obtain the express authorization of their parents or legal guardians to use the Platform and the Services, and any access by minors without prior authorization is their sole responsibility.

2.1.4. The User is allowed to connect to their account on the Kalralegal Services only on one electronic device at a time, and access or use of the account on more than one device simultaneously is prohibited.

2.1.5. Under no circumstances will the assignment, sale, rent or other forms of transfer or alienation of the User's registration be allowed.

2.1.6. It will also be up to the User to ensure that their equipment is compatible with the technical characteristics that enable the use of the Platform and Services, as well as in relation to any necessary computer programs, including high speed or broadband internet connection.

2.2. Functionalities

2.2.1. Kalralegal may make available to the User a specific set of features and tools to optimize the use of the Platform and Services. The functionalities and tools will be previously selected by Kalralegal and aggregated in different packages or plans with different values, all duly informed and available on the website or through our Help Centre.

2.2.2. No functionality offered by Kalralegal should be understood as a replacement for checking and/or validating documents and/or information with official bodies.

2.2.3. Any and all information extracted from official journals, courts and other bodies is essentially public. Kalralegal does not produce, edit, modify, alter, or maintain any type of editorial interference or curation on the content taken from official journals and courts, so such features act as a mere content indexer.

2.2.4. The User is solely responsible for checking the information with the competent official bodies to resolve doubts or disagreements.

2.2.5. Kalralegal is not responsible for the partial availability or non-availability of menus, including in situations in which it is not possible to correctly format a particular menu, depending on the way in which said information is made available by the court in question.

2.2.6. Kalralegal does not, under any circumstances, provide any type of legal advice and/or consultancy or any other activity.

2.2.7. Kalralegal does not encourage or carry out any form of attracting a case or clientele for legal services. We just provide a platform/marketplace for clients and lawyers to find each other.

2.2.8. The Platform and the Services are offered as they are, so that Kalralegal may, at any time and unilaterally, stop providing them, change their characteristics for itself or for the generality of users, as well as create restrictions for the use or access.

B. There is no form of interference or direction in the communication tool by Kalralegal, available at the Online Office. Messages from Users are sent directly to lawyers registered in the area of expertise and location specified by the User.

The Kalralegal Platform

The Platform is accessible through the website https://Kalralegal.com which allows lawyers and law firms interested in offering  their services expertise and legal assistance  other activities to support legal their practice, to easily provide services to registered clients of Kalralegal

B. The information made available on the Kalralegal platform is provided directly by the Users, without any involvement by Kalralegal in providing this information.

ç. The negotiation or adjustment of any issue related to the contracting and provision of services (such as contract value, date of service provision) will be carried out directly between the contracting User (lawyers) and the User (clients)

d. The display of the profile to Users contracting services published on Kalralegal may vary and/or occur according to the following criteria: (i) priority or prominence of display of the purchased plan; (ii) recommendations received from other Users; and (iii) location of demand and availability of the corresponding User.

The Kalralegal platform also offers the possibility for the corresponding Users to publish articles and texts, in addition to other content of their authorship (with no requirement of exclusivity or originality), which will be published on the Kalralegal platform and can be viewed by other Users. In turn, Kalra Global Consulting, through Kalralegal, is the copyright holder of the collection of texts published on the Platform, and may periodically screen the published content, which does not mean any type of endorsement, support, or agreement of Kalralegal with the content.

f. Kalralegal subscribers will have access to the other features of Kalralegal, without having to make other payments to have access to these features.

g. Legal Advocates subscribers who are not lawyers will have some restrictions only within the Kalralegal Online Office functionality and Directory of Lawyers on the Kalralegal platform.

The Functionality

This presents a list of lawyers and law firms registered in Kalralegal, enabling an organized search for professionals by cities and by legal area of practice.

B. The Lawyers Directory is for information purposes only and does not establish any relationship with any lawyer and/or office registered there.

ç. Kalralegal does not privilege any lawyer or law firm in positions of the Directory of Lawyers.

d. Any and all information available in the Lawyers Directory is freely provided by the professional in question and the registration of law students in the Lawyers Directory is not allowed, under penalty of exclusion from the Platform.

Vii. Automation.

 The tool that helps in the process of automating legal documents from the content and variables informed by the User.

B. Kalralegal does not create foundations, theses and/or clauses, whose development is the exclusive responsibility of the User.

  • i.Kalralegal Alerts
    The. Notification functionality that allows the User to monitor public information published on Kalralegal
  • ii. Use of content (Mentions for citation, case law and models)
    The. Functionality aimed at the unified search of any content available on the Platform and, eventually, the extraction of a copy of this content, in an unlimited way (depending on the chosen plan), to support works, create a bank of legal material, standardize legal documents, opinions, decisions, etc.
  • Download Diaries
    The. Functionality that allows users to download all Official Gazettes that are available on Kalralegal in PDF format.
  • iv.Kalralegal Online Office
    The Service that assists case management and communication with clients, for exclusive use by subscriber lawyers who have a valid registration with the BAR ASSOCIATION




3.1. Payment for Kalralegal Services

3.1.1. The charge for the use of the Kalralegal Services will occur in the form of indivisible cycles of 90 (thirty) days from the contracting date, and the expiration day will always coincide with the anniversary in cycles of 30 (thirty) days of hire. The contracting of the Services will be renewed automatically, regardless of communication to the User, by means of periodic billing through the same form of payment indicated by the User when contracting the Service, except in the event of an express statement contrary to the automatic renewal. There is no shortage or any type of loyalty between the User and Kalralegal

3.1.2. In relation to the Kalralegal Online Office, subscription credits acquired by Lawyer Users are accumulated monthly, expiring after 120 (one hundred and twenty) days. In case of cancellation of the subscription, the credits will be automatically expired, not being allowed to replace in the case of a new subscription. Kalralegal will provide an extract containing the use and consumption of credits.

3.1.3. When contracting Services, Kalralegal may request financial information from the User, such as credit card data. By entering said data, the User agrees that the prices then in force and informed at the time of contracting will be charged, according to the form of payment that may be chosen. The financial data collected may be stored for billing and future contracting purposes.

3.2. Payment for Kalra Legal Services

3.2.1. Regarding the Kalralegal platform, payments will be made through the Kalralegal Page payment functionality.

3.2.2. Kalralegal Payment page is a feature of the Kalralegal platform that allows users to perform and receive payment for certain services related to Kalralegal (e.g. payment of a monthly quarterly or annual plan so that the User can be listed as an Active User. Payment transactions between the contracting User (lawyers) and the User(clients) will be governed by the conditions established for the services of the Kalralegal payment arrangement.

3.2.3. The corresponding Users' monthly plan payment will be charged every beginning of a period of 30 (thirty) days, which may or may not coincide with the beginning of the calendar month. Once one of these billing cycles has been paid, the billing will stop for the subsequent monthly cycle, and there will be no refund in the event of a cancellation request.

3.2.4. The receiving User will always receive payment of the amount charged by the demand, discounted fees for the use of the Kalralegal payment page. Any taxes or other charges levied on transactions will also be charged to the receiving User, provided that they are previously informed of the contracting of the demand.

3.3. Disputes related to the provision of the Legal Service

3.3.1. Regarding the Kalralegal platform, problems related to the provision of the Legal Service and/or the payment of such Service through the Kalralegal payment page may be notified by the paying User within 7 (seven) business days after confirmation of the provision of the Service. Legal Affairs, in turn, will be responsible for investigating the dispute and concluding, within 7 (seven) business days after notification, whether the payment should be authorized. The dispute resolution notification must be accompanied by sufficient documentation for the purpose of proving the problem (such as emails sent between Receiving User and Paying User; presentation of minutes of hearings, among others). The Users involved will be responsible for the reimbursement and responsibility for any damages generated in the dispute, exempting Kalralegal from any responsibility for the decision taken in the resolution of the dispute. During the period of analysis of the dispute by Kalralegal, the value of the transaction and dispute will be retained by Kalralegal being transferred to the winning User within 3 (three) business days after the final decision. The Users involved in the dispute accept that the final decision taken by Kalralegal will be final, and it is up to the Users to choose to bring the object of the dispute to the appreciation of the bodies of the judiciary or class organizations. In the event of a dispute arising from the failure of the Kalralegal platform to send the payment, Kalralegal is responsible for transferring the amount to the correct User within 3 (three) business days after the transfer. Legal liability does not extend to the User's attributable error in making the payment or the User's password violation. In addition, the User must notify Kalralegal of the failure within 2 (two) days after the payment is transferred, exempting Kalralegal from any liability in the event of such failure.


4.1. Kalralegal may freely integrate, within the scope of its Platform and Services, third-party applications that manifest themselves, ostensibly or not, on its Platform and Services (e.g., through website links or internet functionalities). These third-party services are the responsibility of those who provide them and will be governed solely and exclusively by the terms of use applicable to them, defined by each third-party responsible for them.

4.1.1. In cases where acceptance of third-party terms of use is necessary for the use of certain Kalralegal Services, non-acceptance of these terms may limit Users' access to the Services.

4.2. Integration with third-party services does not correspond to the endorsement of these services or any association with their operators by Kalralegal, nor any relationship of partnership, supervision, complicity, joint venture, solidarity or guarantee with these third parties.

4.2.1. Although it always seeks to enter into agreements with reliable partners, Kalralegal does not undertake to review the content of the terms of use of third-party services, which is why it recommends that Users read them carefully.

4.3. Kalralegal does not have any responsibility in relation to websites or other destinations of links that take the User out of the Kalralegal virtual environment. Likewise, Kalralegal is not responsible for advertisements or third-party materials inserted in the Platform and Services, nor for the products and services advertised.

4.4. Some of the Kalralegal Services may allow the User to share certain information on social networks through their profiles. In such cases, the User undertakes to comply with all terms and policies of the applicable social networks, so that Kalralegal is not responsible for publications made outside the environment of its Services.


5.1. These Terms of Use grant Users, through these Terms and during their term, a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable and limited license to access the Platform and make use of the Services. Neither these Terms of Use nor the use of the Platform and Services transfers or grants the User any rights, except for the limited license granted above. All rights not expressly granted to the User are reserved to Kalralegal, affiliates and other companies of Kalra Global Consulting Limited.

5.2. The trademarks, logos, trade names, layouts, graphics and interface design, images, illustrations, photographs, presentations, videos, written and sound and audio content, computer programs, database, broadcast files and any other information and intellectual property rights of Kalralegal subject to the terms of Laws ("Industrial Property Law"), ("Software Law")  ("Copyright Law"), and without prejudice to other rules relating to the protection of intellectual property, are duly reserved.

5.2.1. Thus, the use of the Platform and Services by Users is personal, individual, and non-transferable, and any unauthorized, commercial, or non-commercial use is prohibited. Such uses will consist both in violation of Kalralegal’s intellectual property rights, indemnifiable under the Copyright Law, as well as punishable under the applicable criminal law.

5.3. These Terms of Use do not assign or transfer any rights to the User, except for the limited license granted herein. If you wish to use any of Kalralegal's intellectual property contents, the User must contact Kalralegal before doing so. Using any content mentioned herein belonging to Kalralegal's intellectual property without the prior and express authorization of Kalralegal may lead to criminal and civil liability.

5.4. By submitting, publishing or displaying any content through accessing the Platform and using the Services (articles, news, models and parts, etc.), the User grants to Kalralegal a full, non-exclusive and non-onerous license, without limitation geographic, sublicensable and transferable, for the full term of copyright protection defined by applicable law, to use, reproduce, alter, remix, make derivative works, adapt, translate, incorporate into a work, distribute, display, execute, extract excerpts, publicly display, or in any way use the content in other existing or future modalities of use.

5.5. Through this license, Kalralegal may use, in any way and at any time, in an unlimited number of times, any content generated by the User, without the need for prior notice, attribution, permission or payment to the User or any person and entity, and may also modify or adapt the content made available by the User in order to transmit, display or distribute it through computer networks and in various media and/or make changes to the content as necessary to conform it and adapt it to any requirements or limitations of any networks, devices, services or media.

5.6. Through this license, Kalralegal may also share the content made available on a given service with other Kalralegal Services, and with its affiliates and other companies of the economic group.

5.7. The mentioned license does not imply the creation of any employment, corporate, partnership or associative relationship between the User and Kalralegal.


6.1. Kalralegal declares that:

6.1.1. Any and all content posted on Kalralegal is the sole responsibility of the person who originated or published such content, so Kalralegal cannot and will not monitor or control all content made available on its Platform or through its Services by third parties.

6.1.2. You can reserve spaces for advertising on the pages of the published content, preserving the integrity and visibility of the legal content, without any value being due to the User who owns the publication.

6.1.3. It does not endorse any opinions expressed in the publications of its Users, so that, when using the Platform and Services, they may be exposed to content that they deem offensive, harmful, inaccurate, or inappropriate.

6.1.4. It does not and does not encourage any form of capturing a case or clientele, restricting itself to only providing a platform that facilitates communication between lawyers and other Users.

6.1.5. It does not provide any consultancy or legal advice, since this is a private activity of lawyers, so that all contact between the User and Kalralegal through the channels for this purpose will be destined, solely and exclusively, to meet requests or technical questions about the use of the Platform and the functioning of the Services offered.

6.1.6. It does not have any involvement in the hiring of professionals or professional societies that work in the provision of certain Services (e.g., Users registered as lawyers on the Kalralegal platform), any employment or corporate relationship with these professionals, or any interference in the choice and in the hiring Users who act as lawyers (which will be exclusively exercised by the contracting User).

6.2. In addition, Kalralegal will not be held responsible for:

6.2.1. Damages caused by the access, interception, elimination, alteration, modification, or manipulation, by unauthorized third parties of files and communications transmitted through the Platform and Services, nor arising from the use of the Services or the inability of Users to access the Platform or use the Services.

6.2.2. Damage or loss that eventually results from the improper use of the Services, including, but not limited to, loss of procedural deadlines, error of information made available by the respective bodies, among others.

6.2.3. Discrepancy of information with the competent official bodies.

6.2.4. Any interaction between Users and by content generated by Users or third parties (for example information available in official journals and courts), as well as any content, product or service advertised or offered by third parties on the Platform and Services.

6.2.5. Quality of any Services provided by professionals registered on the Platform.

6.2.6. Accuracy or veracity of data or recommendations of professionals registered on the Platform.

6.2.7. Every lawyer will act in compliance with the conduct and rules of the Bar Association they are registered and laws of their domicile country as per the information provided and registered on the platform.

6.2.8. Any right or obligation related to any contracting on the Platform and the Services (including, but not limited to the payment of fees or the performance of the Services contracted with the corresponding Users).

6.2.9. Any direct or indirect, incidental, special, punitive, or consequential losses or damages, including loss of profits, losses and damages, moral or property damages, direct or indirect obligation or expense, or losses of the User or third parties, as a result of or associated with the use of the Service, even though Kalralegal has been alerted to the possibility of such damages.

6.2.10. Any liability related to the Kalralegal platform, in relation to activities that do not involve Kalralegal (such as damages generated from information regarding the corresponding Users, information about the Services contracted between the Users, evaluations made by other Users, unavailability or failures in the Services contracted between the Users, capacity or solvency of the Users to contract the Services of advertised correspondents, among others).

6.2.11. Delays, cancellations, failures in the provision of Services provided independently of the Platform or for any communication problems between Users.

6.2.12. Any outdated and inaccuracy of any information made available on the Platform and Kalralegal Services.

6.2.13. Non-acceptance of registration of Users with means of payment managed by third parties.

6.3. Kalralegal may be notified at any time regarding content contained in its Platform considered infringing third-party rights and will act promptly to promote the timely removal of such content pursuant to the relevant laws and the consolidated jurisprudence in the U.K regarding the liability of websites and intermediaries.

6.3.1. Any notification regarding infringing content must contain, under penalty of nullity, a clear and specific identification of the content identified as infringing, which allows the unequivocal location of the material. All notices must be made in good faith. The notification cannot be carried out anonymously, and the notifier must identify himself unequivocally, providing his identity and explaining his legal relationship with the content in question, under the terms of the law.

6.3.2. If the User identifies any action that does not comply with these Terms by any other user, the User may notify Kalralegal in this regard, through the contact information indicated in the "General provisions" section below.

6.4. During the use of the Platform and Kalralegal Services, the User declares that:

6.4.1. You can only access the Platform and use the Services for lawful purposes, being fully responsible for knowledge and adherence to any and all laws, regulations and rules pertaining to the use of the products and services covered by these Terms.

6.4.2. You may publish articles, provided that the content is strictly informative, adds instructive value to the legal community of the Platform as a whole, and complies with applicable laws, especially in relation to copyright laws, and adhere to these Terms. The opinions and positions presented in these articles do not necessarily correspond to the position of Kalralegal, which will not have any responsibility for the content generated by third parties.

6.4.3. You are responsible for the use of the Service, for any content provided and for all consequences arising from its use, including the use of its content by other Users and third parties.

6.4.4. It will not publish any documents (articles, videos, etc.) that incite the illegal capture of causes or clients or that have the purpose of personal or professional promotion, in compliance with Federal Law.

6.4.5. It will bear losses and damages related to its responsibility in relation to the use of the Kalralegal platform and must also reimburse all amounts spent by Kalralegal in case it bears any expenses in the intervention of complaints received from other Users.

6.4.6. Any and all information available involving lawyers and law firms registered in the Lawyers Directory will always be within the limits of moderation, sobriety and discretion established by the Code of Ethics and Discipline and the official provisions issued by the Bar Association.

6.5. Finally, in addition to the legal provisions, the User is prohibited from:

6.5.1.Posting any content that: (i) violates or interferes with any or any other party's trademarks; (ii) disclose any trade secrets, unless the trade secrets belong to the User or if he has the owner's permission to disclose them; (iii) violates any intellectual property right of another or the privacy or publicity rights of another; (iv) is libellous, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harassing, hateful, pornographic, discriminatory, or violates any law or third party rights; (v) contains other people's private or personally identifiable information without their express authorization and permission; (vi) contains links to a virus, trojan horse, worm, time bomb or other mechanism that is intended to damage, interfere with, intercept or expropriate any system, data or information; (vii) seeks to defraud, disguise or compromise the proper functioning of the Platform and Services (such as by creating false profiles to advertise a correspondent service, or by violating security protocols); and (viii) does not comply with other provisions of these terms of use of Kalralegal , as well as with its Policy of Kindness.

6.5.2.Carry out activities that involve: (i) changing the configuration of your access device to use the Platform and Services; (ii) hack or interfere with the operation of Kalralegal and its Services; (iii) remove, alter, interfere with, avoid or in any way modify watermark, copyright, symbol, mark or any other sign indicative of intellectual property inserted in the Services, or any rights and/or protection mechanisms associated with the Services, including territory-based access filters; (iv) impersonate another person or gain unauthorized access to another person's account; (v) commercialize, reproduce in whole or in part, publish, retransmit, distribute, communicate to the public, transfer to third parties or make any modification, in any form, to any content made available by Kalralegal on its Services, and that is not expressly permitted by these Terms; (vi) commercialize or share access to Kalralegal Services; (vii) introduce any virus, worm, spyware or any other computer code, file or program that may be intended to damage the operation, hardware, software or any other aspect of the Service; (viii) create spiders or scrapers; (ix) use robots or other automated means of any kind to access Kalralegal tools and/or services; (x) circumvent Kalralegal's system of menus/copies of jurisprudential content, under penalty of immediate exclusion and adoption of appropriate measures by Kalralegal ; and (xi) use the Platform to breach any law, rule and/or regulation. and that is not expressly permitted by these Terms; (vi) commercialize or share access to the Kalralegal Services; (vii) introduce any virus, worm, spyware or any other computer code, file or program that may be intended to damage the operation, hardware, software or any other aspect of the Service; (viii) create spiders or scrapers; (ix) use robots or other automated means of any kind to access Kalralegal tools and/or services; (x) circumvent Kalralegal's system of menus/copies of jurisprudential content, under penalty of immediate exclusion and adoption of appropriate measures by Kalralegal and (xi) use the Platform to breach any law, rule and/or regulation. and that is not expressly permitted by these Terms; (vi) commercialize or share access to the Kalralegal Services; (vii) introduce any virus, worm, spyware or any other computer code, file or program that may be intended to damage the operation, hardware, software or any other aspect of the Service; (viii) create spiders or scrapers; (ix) use robots or other automated means of any kind to access Kalralegal tools and/or services; (x) circumvent Kalralegal 's system of menus/copies of jurisprudential content, under penalty of immediate exclusion and adoption of appropriate measures by Kalralegal; and (xi) use the Platform to breach any law, rule and/or regulation. (vii) introduce any virus, worm, spyware or any other computer code, file or program that may be intended to damage the operation, hardware, software or any other aspect of the Service; (viii) create spiders or scrapers; (ix) use robots or other automated means of any kind to access Kalralegal tools and/or services; (x) circumvent Kalralegal’s system of menus/copies of jurisprudential content, under penalty of immediate exclusion and adoption of appropriate measures by Kalralegal; and (xi) use the Platform to breach any law, rule and/or regulation. (vii) introduce any virus, worm, spyware or any other computer code, file or program that may be intended to damage the operation, hardware, software or any other aspect of the Service; (viii) create spiders or scrapers; (ix) use robots or other automated means of any kind to access Kalralegal tools and/or services; (x) circumvent Kalralegal 's system of menus/copies of jurisprudential content, under penalty of immediate exclusion and adoption of appropriate measures by Kalralegal; and (xi) use the Platform to breach any law, rule and/or regulation. (ix) use robots or other automated means of any kind to access Kalralegal tools and/or services; (x) circumvent Kalralegal's system of menus/copies of jurisprudential content, under penalty of immediate exclusion and adoption of appropriate measures by Kalralegal; and (xi) use the Platform to breach any law, rule and/or regulation. (ix) use robots or other automated means of any kind to access Kalralegal tools and/or services; (x) circumvent Kalralegal's system of menus/copies of jurisprudential content, under penalty of immediate exclusion and adoption of appropriate measures by Kalralegal and (xi) use the Platform to breach any law, rule and/or regulation.

6.5.3. Use any information and data (personal or otherwise) obtained through the Platform for unlawful or abusive discriminatory purposes.


7.1. The User may cancel the contracting of the Services in accordance with the terms that are defined in the offer thereof at the time of contracting, through our User Support. No payment already made by the User will be refunded after acceptance of these Terms of Use if cancellation is required after the User starts using the Services or after the period of 7 (seven) days of acceptance of these Terms, whichever is earlier.

7.1.1. In the event of cancellation of the Service by the User, the availability of the Services will only cease when the cycle in force at the time of cancellation is completed.

7.1.2. In the event of cancellation of the Service due to breach of the Terms of Use, the Services will be terminated immediately, without any refund.

7.2. Kalralegal reserves the right to disconnect the User from his/her account if the restriction relating to the provision of legal advice or advice is not observed. Repeated conduct may lead to the termination of your account and blocking access to and use of the Service.

7.3. In the case of the Kalralegal platform:

7.3.1. If the contracting User's registration is interrupted or cancelled by Kalralegal, all contracts of corresponding Users pending on the Kalralegal platform must be completed with all payments to the corresponding Users.

7.3.2. Kalralegal may interrupt the access and use of the Service to Contracting Users who have declared bankruptcy or who lose any authorization necessary for the development of their activity.

7.4. Failure to comply with the obligations agreed in these Terms of Use or applicable legislation may, without prior notice, give rise to immediate unilateral termination by Kalralegal and the blocking of all Services provided to the User, in which case Kalralegal reserves the right to refuse or restrict the User from any and all current or future use of the Platform and Kalralegal Services.

7.4.1. User data will be preserved for use by the competent authorities, in accordance with current legislation, if Kalralegal is notified or triggered by another User or by a third party for the violation of third-party rights resulting from the misuse of the platform.

7.5. The User agrees to indemnify Kalralegal, affiliates and other companies of the economic group, directors, administrators, collaborators, representatives and employees for any loss, liability, claim or demand, for any damages resulting from their use of the Platform and Services.


8.1. These Terms of Use are the valid and effective version of their terms and conditions. This version is responsible for governing all relations between the User and Kalralegal, except when the User uses services that have their own terms or rules, respecting acquired rights, perfect legal acts, and res judicata.

8.1.1. The current version of the Terms of Use will always be the most recent. To identify the current version date, the User should check the "Modified On" section at the top of this document.

8.2. Kalralegal reserves the right to periodically update and modify any of its legal documents, including these Terms of Use.

8.2.1. Kalralegal is constantly looking for improvement to offer the User the best possible experience in using the Services Platform. However, the Platform and all Kalralegal Services are offered as is ("as is"), so that Kalralegal can freely implement changes, alterations, additions, deletions, and any other forms of modification in the Platform and in the Services.

8.2.2. The Kalralegal Platform and Services may be changed at any time, whether in the event of contractual, legal and/or judicial restrictions or prohibitions or at its sole discretion. For this reason, Kalralegal may temporarily or permanently interrupt the provision of the Platform, the Services or some of its features.

8.2.3. Any modification to these Terms that impacts the consent previously provided or implies a financial burden for the User will be communicated by Kalralegal in advance. However, any changes made for legal reasons or due to the new functionality of a Service will be effective immediately. Kalralegal reserves the right to modify the composition of packages or plans, including the amount reserved for the use of each functionality or tool, upon prior information to Users who contract said packages or plans. Any new feature that improves the current Kalralegal Platform and Services, such as the availability of new tools and resources, will be subject to these Terms. The User may stop using the Kalralegal Services at any time. Likewise, Kalralegal may also stop providing the Services to the User at any time, as well as include or create new limits to the Services.

8.3. The provisions of these Terms shall survive any form of termination, occurring for any reason, to continue to take effect as long as there are subsequent legal relationships between the User and Kalralegal.

8.4. If any provision of these Terms is held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions will not be the same.

8.5. The User and Kalralegal guarantee that: (i) they have full powers and authority to enter these Terms of Use and to comply with the obligations set forth in this document; (ii) have not entered into and, during the term of these Terms of Use, will not enter into, any agreement that prevents them from complying with these Terms; and (iii) will comply with all applicable laws in complying with these Terms.

8.6. The User agrees that Kalralegal may transfer or assign its contractual position in these Terms of Use or any right or obligation arising therefrom at any time, without the need for prior notice to the User, including due to corporate transactions such as, but not limited to mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, keeping the other conditions of these Terms.

8.7. If there are any doubts about this instrument or what it encompasses, the User can contact Kalralegal through our User Support.

8.7.1. Any and all support service, questions, complaints and suggestions provided to the User by Kalralegal will be carried out solely and exclusively through the internet, through the virtual support page above or online tool made available by Kalralegal.

8.8. These Terms are governed by the laws of the U.K

8.9. The jurisdiction of LONDON is hereby elected to settle any disputes arising from these Terms of Use, expressly waiving any other, however privileged it may be.