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Portugues D7 Visa is an excellent choice for professionals & Retirees seeking to settle in Portugal. If you have a stable recurring income, or if you are working remotely for an employer outside of Portugal, you are eligible to apply.

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When you become an e-resident, you can register your company online and run your business remotely hassle-free.


Ready to start your new life in Portugal ? This is your ONE PAGE Guide To the Portuguese D7 Visa. here you find the information required to help you make an informed decision about the financial requirements timelines travel restrictions and minimum period of stay required to qualify for permanent residency in Portugal


Complete checklist process and timeline cover everything you need to know.

1. Retired people receive sufficient levels of stable recurring pension income.

2. Remote workers, and information technology industry professionals earning adequate stable recurring income outside of Portugal. If you have significant savings available, this can count in your favour.

3. Remote consultants, life coaches, digital entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers and even crypto traders with sufficient stable recurring income, ideally combined with significant accessible savings.

4. Landlords earning sufficient long-term income from the rental of movable and/or immovable assets abroad.

5. Individuals earning stable recurring income from investments, or those earning sufficient stable dividend income..


Step 1:  Contact us by completing the form below.

Step 2:  Introduction to your case manager, fee quotation and contract signature.

Step 3:  Booking of consular appointment

Step 4:  Compilation of application file with your case manager

Step 5:  Attend consular appointment

Step 6:  Submit full visa application and receive notification of your application outcome within approximately 60 days.

Step 7:  Receive your temporary visa (valid for 4 months).


Step 8:  We Schedule your SEF appointment at the branch closest to where you’re renting or where you’ve bought a home. If you’re using a service provider such as ourselves, we assist with this, or your local Portuguese embassy can assist.

STEP 9:  Have your core application documents translated into Portuguese, including marriage and birth certificates, if relevant to your application. (Contact us for more on the specific requirements in this regard).

STEP 10:  Complete your D7 Visa application form.

STEP 11:  Travel to Portugal to attend your SEF interview. The interview typically takes around 20 minutes to complete. You’ll have to authorise the authorities to check your criminal record in Portugal to ensure you’ve not committed a crime since arriving in the country. You’ll also have to supply proof of your tax residency or tax situation;, e.g. a tax clearance certificate from the country in which you’re tax domiciled.

STEP 12:  Obtain your Portuguese temporary residency permit (typically issued with 1 to 2 years’ validity, and mailed to your address in Portugal or to the local post office in around 2 weeks).

Step 13: Renew your temporary residency permit every 2 years, and apply for permanent residency or Portuguese citizenship after 5 years (at this point, you’ll be expected to prove real world ties with Portugal and speak intermediate level Portuguese. You’ll also have had to stick to the minimum in-country stay requirements for the first 5 years of holding Portuguese residency status.


Individul - €705 || €8,460


Married Couple- €12,690 || €25,380



The Portuguese authorities can at their discretion, also approve your application based on demonstrable savings. In such cases, you’ll be expected to have a minimum of €25,380 inaccessible savings – that’s €8,460 x 2 (€16,920) for the primary applicant, and an additional €8,460 for your spouse, to cover your living expenses and accommodation for the 2-year period for which the initial residency permit is issued.

Given the broad spectrum of government discretion involved in approving D7 Visa applications, the bulk of independently submitted applications is not approved. Working with an expert firm can help ensure that your application is approved without any complications.


We offer an end-to-end visa application service full 5 years package ti you get your permanent residency/Portuguese Passport and can also advise you on where to settle and how to go about purchasing property in Portugal.


Immigration can be a challenging process, but working with a professional firm can make the process seamless and ensure that your transition to Portuguese residency is hassle-free. Let us do the heavy lifting for you…

We provide an end-to-end, white-glove service, including:

 Obtaining a Portuguese NIF (tax number) by the power of attorney.

 Assistance with Portuguese bank account opening.

 Assistance with property rental agreements (proof of domicile).

 Assistance with company formation, if appropriate (e.g. for D2 Visa applications).

 Assistance with business plan writing and development, if appropriate (e.g. for D2 Visa applications).

 Pre-arrival tax representation service.

 Client case file building – document formatting and sequencing, motivational letter input and review, SEF interview preparation and more.

In addition, we also offer a host of resettlement services to ex-pats seeking to settle in Portugal.

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